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Monday, January 4, 2010

My wish for 2010.

I simply love the start of a new year. It always feels like a clean slate and it definitely gives me a reason to improve on my current lifestyle. I sometimes get ahead of myself with hopes and dreams and ideas. I guess it's not a bad thing to be filled with such desire but sometimes I overwhelm myself. So this year, I've decided to keep it simple. Make realistic goals for myself to make 2010 enjoyable and fabulous!

+ Take more pictures of me & Steven. Together.
+ Stay healthy so i can fit into my wedding gown on May 23. Just for fun.
+ Find a new space for us to live. A pretty one.
+ Cook at least once a week. This does not include Lean Cuisines.
+ Learn how to iron my own shirts.

How do you plan to make 2010 better?


Kelly Brown said...

great goals ;)

Alejandro said...

Ironing your own shirts is huge. I really suck at it. I always convince myself that wrinkled J Crew stone-wash are hipper than non-wrinkled ones.

I also plan to cook at least 3 times a week because I spent TOO MUCH MONEY on really good restaurants. Time to dust off my non-cooking non-skills!

mrs.csunsweetie said...

I love that pic! In 2010 I'm planning on taking the business venture on my own (to be released hopefully by the end of this month) and figure out how to make it grow!

And ironing is over-rated :o)

Anonymous said...

I love those goals, I have to try and cook new things at home for hubby, pack more lunches for work instead of buying and to stay fit!!
Happy 2010!!

Megan Welker said...

haha! love "this does not include lean cuisines" may you have a fabulous 2010 ala :) I love your goals!

Allison said...

Ha i agree, THe start of a new year feels great and fresh.. here are some of my resolutions
1. Say no to chipped nails, if chip occurs take polish off and re-manicure ASAP
2. Send more hand written Thank you's via snail Mail... an oldie but a goodie
3. Expand my vocabulary. Because at my age I should stop saying the word Gnarly... I mean really ...

haha hope you are great!

Angela S. said...

love that shot! thanks for putting it out there.

1)complete project life-365
2)get fit
3)do more outdoor stuff
4)use my stash, spend less on crafting, SCRAP!
5)Save for a rainy day
6)Eat out less, cook more
7)Read more
8)Be more productive w/ my time
9)take more pictures
*if i work on all of these goals i'm treating myself to a photo shoot w/ YOU and i want my hair/makeup done by lauren!!!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!

Diandra Ann said...

Hey I have an idea... when you fit into your dress... let's take pictures of you in it :) Want to? I always thought it would be so cool to do that every year around an anniversary... just a thought! I'd be HONORED to do it... with or without steven :)

Celesa Felix said...

I really like your idea with this picture. It looks so cool. I plan to keep myself healthy by eating better and working out. I also plan to take more pictures and try to build up my little business. Thank you for always inspiring me.

Diandra Ann said...

I tried to comment on my phone but I'm not sure it worked, so here it is again... You should take pictures in your dress for your anniversary! Since you are going to fit into it! I'd love to do some for you if you want to :) Steven could come... or not... either way would be fun :) Let me know if you want to!!!

Da Fashionista said...

I'm with you on the cooking and ironing. We seriously fail at being domestic ;)

My resolutions are to get handier with makeup, prioritize my fitness as much as i prioritize eating, try my hand at crafting projects more regularly and figure out my career. Off we go....