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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stephanie & Jordan : Married

Stephanie & Jordan + El Cortez + lots of love + Ashley Rose = a fabulous day.
Here are some of my favorites...

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was content. Sitting there in my bra and underwear, getting my hair and makeup done, listening to the sounds of my bridesmaids giggling and my nieces playing. I was 2 hours away from marrying my favoritest man on the planet and in that moment, I could feel that our day would be perfect. It was then when our photographer Jasmine Star was photographing my dress and said, "Okay, I so want to get your wedding published!". I smiled and nodded. Although to me, our wedding was awesome, never in my wildest dreams did I think a publication would think it was. Plus, ALL the weddings Jasmine photographs are insanely gorgeous so how could our day compare to her other weddings?

Well to my surprise, the editors at The Knot thought our wedding was worthy enough to share. In print. In a magazine. Sold in stores. Nationally. TO FUTURE BRIDES-TO-BE! Steven and I are beyond excited. To be honest, I squealed like a little kid when I first saw it and he walked with a little extra pep in his step. We're already exhausted from autographing copies for my Mom! I want to thank Jasmine for documenting every last detail of our day so beautifully. And to all of our vendors, thank you for being so amazing and helping make our day so dang special!

A special shout out to Gladys Jem for spotting us and alerting me via twitter. STILL amazed at the power of the internet. Holler!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll Never...

I'm the type of girl that sometimes eats her words. What can I say? I live for the moment. I love hard, I'm passionate and more often than not, my feelings change from minute to minute. So it's no surprise that I've taken back many bold statements on a daily basis. Hey, at least I can admit it!

"I'll never be an Uggs-wearing type of girl" My parents bought me a pair for my birthday two weeks ago and I can't take them off. I'll admit, I haven't worn them out of the house just yet, in fear of someone running up and pointing at me saying "Ooooh you're wearing Uggs! You said you'd never wear Uggs!" But as each day goes on, I'm getting over it.

"I'll never own a pet. Ever." Growing up, we never had pets. I never understood people who sent out holiday cards with a picture of their dog in a Santa hat. I never understood people who let their pet lick their face. Picking up poop and scratching and whining sounded more like a chore than fun. Then I met Steven. The world's biggest animal lover. And he bought me a kitten. Oh hell, I've been eating my stupid little words ever since. I love my Zoe!

"I'll never, under any circumstance, blog a photograph straight-out-of-camera (SOOC)." Yet, here I am. About to expose myself. I kinda feel like I'm standing here naked. Cover your eyes or something people! But in all seriousness, I've received some emails asking how I created my style so I figured I'd touch on the subject a little. I'm not a genius at photoshop but I definitely utilize it to make my photos pop.

On all my photos, I use a combination of Curves, Yin/Yang, Clare-ify and Sharpen for Web from the TRA mix. Sometimes, if an image is too warm, Cool as a Cucumber comes to the rescue. It's taken me what feels like a billion years to be comfortable with photoshop so I urge you to purchase a set of actions. Using actions is what helped me learn how to manipulate my photos. I run an action, and then backtrack in the history tab to see how exactly things are happening. Happy action-ing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vanessa & Daniel : Engaged

What better way to start off the new year than with one of my beautiful couples! Some may think it's funny that I call couples, "my couples" but I think it's very representative of how I look at my clients. I like to think of them as my friends. I like to make them feel comfortable, make them laugh and make them feel fabulous. Afterall, I am sharing one of the most important and intimate days of their lives. From the engagement to the wedding, I am there. And you wouldn't invite a stranger to your wedding now would you? So see, my couples and I, we're tight.

Vanessa & Daniel are young, in love and going places. Their type of love is what moves me. You meet them and you feel their warmth and kindness. I fell in love with them the moment we first met, and after our engagement session, I think Steven and I should be neighbors with them. They are that sweet. Last night before I headed to bed, I received a heartfelt email from Vanessa that I think truly reflects the feeling I try to give my clients.

"Okay so I'm laying in bed and honestly just can't stop thinking about yesterday. Daniel and I have not stopped talking about the experience. On the way home, I literally had a permanent smile on my face and got kinda emotional. The location was beautiful, you are just simply AMAZING, and being there sharing that moment with my soulmate was just so overwhelming - did I mention I was super nervous?! But before I start writing a novel, I just have to tell you and Steve THANK YOU so much for driving out there and capturing our love =) Thank you for getting down on the ground and getting your cute outfit dirty and thank you for putting me at ease and making it comfortable for us. I know this is just the beginning, but we are truly so blessed and incredibly thrilled to have you as our photographer."

Click here for more of their fabulous session!

We met at the Leonesse Cellars Winery in Temecula and were blessed with beautiful light and very warm weather.

Isn't Vanessa stunning? Another fabulous hair & makeup job By Lauren. If you haven't checked her out yet, RUN!