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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Early resolutions...

Steven: Why are there crumbs in our bed?
Ala: Um, I may have eaten some popcorn while watching Roseanne.
Steven: Okay, so, why is there a chocolate smudge on your pillow?
Ala: Fine! I also ate some chocolate in bed too. Sue me!

This conversation is not a rare occurrence in the Cortez household. You see, in case you haven't been paying attention, I'm a food freak. You name it, I want to eat it. And fast. Every meal, Steven has to remind me to slow down and taste your food woman! More often than not, I burn the crap out of my tongue because I just couldn't wait for something to cool down. I love all kinds of food but I especially love sugar. Banana cream pie, chocolate cake, ice cream, cookies, anything that's bad for me! I've always been this way so it's no wonder I have a love/hate relationship with my scale.

With the new year right around the corner, I thought I'd share what has worked for me just in case anyone is looking for a new workout regimen. I have to preface this all by saying that I absolutely hate the gym, I loathe getting up from the couch and running makes me want to flick rubberbands at the treadmill. So, again, if these workout programs can get a lazy chick up, they're fabulous!

Chalean Extreme - I started this workout in February of 2009 and by my wedding day (May 23, 2009) I had lost 20 pounds! I know right? So super crazy but it works! It's a 90 day plan filled with a variety of resistance exercises and minimal cardio. All you need is something to build resistance. I used resistance bands but light weights work too. I hate cardio and bouncing up and down and this workout was so doable.

p90x - one word, intense. A combination of weight-lifting, plyometrics, yoga, kenpo and cardio makes up this set and it does get you in the best shape. Steven did this workout and all together lost a total of 60 pounds. If you have 1.5 hours available daily, a set of weights (5-25lbs. is average), a pull-up bar or resistance bands, and LOTS of will, do this. It was really hard for me but I do attribute this for keeping my weight off this long.

Insanity - this is our newest conquest. We started it about a week ago and it is very much properly named. The first dvd nearly killed us! But since then, I've learned to love it. It's a lot shorter than most dvd's but it's because you're moving the entire time. No joke. You don't need any equipment which is nice and once you're done, you feel like you're gonna die, which is what I always look for in a workout!

There you go! Those are my secrets to living a life where I don't feel AS guilty when I want to eat popcorn in bed...or even an extra piece of wedding cake. ;)


Harmony Loves said...

yea! I need some new options. Thanks for sharing!

marina said...

Yes I totally want to try the insanity one! I have the P90X and have taken it out once, and I doubt it will ever see sun light again! So thanks for the other options!

Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

haha I'm laughing because these videos have such extreme/intense names. Sounds like a lot more work than my ballet classes! Although ballet can be pretty brutal too. Have a WONDERFUL year- here's to setting goals, and sticking to them!

Susy said...

Hi Ala! I was wondering how many inches you lost? More than losing weight, I wanted to tone and hopefully lose inches. Do you mind sharing? Thanks