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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stephanie & Jeremiah : Whenever

They laugh. Together. At each other. A lot. It's just what they do. Jeremiah makes little jokes and whether they're funny or not, Steph laughs because well, to her, anything he does is cute. It's a love and sense of humor that only a husband and wife can comprehend. Stephanie and Jeremiah were married in September and still are giddy around one another. Although I was unable to shoot their wedding, I was able to meet up with them to capture some fabulously relaxed frames.

They recently moved to Los Angeles, steps away from the artsy Melrose Avenue so they decided to keep their session close to home. Wander the streets near them. Where they live. Where they eat. Where the cool pubs are. It was the perfect backdrop to their new little life together. Steph and Jer: thanks for welcoming me into your home and sharing a small history lesson on your family traditions. It was so much fun catching up. Enjoy!

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I love how Steph & Jer are standing tall similar to the palm trees.

Jeremiah said he'd need to be on my payroll to pose with the mannequins. Ha!

We ended our session on the balcony of their new home. Such a great idea!

The Pelayo Family

It's always challenging when attempting to photograph a 2 year old. They're full of life, full of giggles, full of energy and most of the time, way quicker than me. But when Crystal emailed me about my holiday sessions and told me they hadn't had photos taken of Dalilah, ever, I literally jumped at the opportunity. I love a challenge and I love being able to freeze a moment for families to treasure in their home. Oscar, Crystal and Dalilah showed up dressed with style and big smiles on their faces. Dalilah was a doll and gave me my cardio workout for the day. I didn't mind though, I could have listened to her giggles all day!

Here are some of my favorites.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lizzy & David : Darling

Some people just warm your hearts. They take one look at each other and you feel their chemistry. There are no words spoken, no hand signals. Just a simple look. It's so inspiring. Lizzy and David have this connection and it made me never want to put the camera down. They both are very calm and happy people and from the moment we met, I knew we'd be fast friends. Well, that and Lizzy sent me her blog address prior to our session so I could get to know them. Ya'll know how much I love blogging so it was really great to get an intimate look at their lives.

With every client, I love getting to know them as friends. I genuinely want to know your interests, what you love, your favorite pizza topping, you know, all the vital information. What's cool about Lizzy and David is they are close friends of (my favorites!) Leinea & Ed and Christina & Joey. So I felt like we were old pals by the time they got in front of my camera. And they must have too because they completely rocked it! Love them and I'm so excited for all the festivities coming their way. I'm stoked to meet little Ashby when she enters the world. Look at her parents, she's gonna be a doll! xoxo

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ayala Sisters : Whenever

I say this a lot. And I will most likely continue to say this every single session. I am so incredibly blessed to have a job where I get to meet so many amazing, happy, beautiful people. All the time. At their best. In cute outfits. With great big smiles. And lots of love.

The Ayala girls are the definition of a perfect family session. Look it up. In the dictionary there's a picture of Evie, Vanessa, Genevieve, Marisa and Sophia. Last week, we met up at Pio Pico Historic Park. These girls are so incredibly bubbly, talkative, sassy, feisty and fun. They were so warm and welcoming that I couldn't help but feel like an Ayala girl that day. If I didn't have the camera in my hands, I very well could have jumped high in the air with them or make a wish on dandelions. Thank you girls for choosing me to play around on a Saturday afternoon. I had such a great time and I can't wait for all of your milestones in the years to come. xoxo

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