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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rashmi & Ajit : Darling

Super bubbly. Super supportive. Super joyful. Super gentle. Rashmi & Ajit are all of these things times a million. I have always said trying times bring out the best in people and in their case, clouds parted, golden light came through and Rashmi & Ajit were at their finest. For instance, a few months ago, Rashmi was put on bed rest and ordered to stay off her feet. She was confined to her bed only to watch reality tv, play on facebook and read blogs. She was referred to me by a dear friend and as she continually followed my blog, she made up her mind - bed rest or not, she was figuring out a way to have a maternity session. Ajit was there to cheer her on and kiss her on her shoulders in support.

Last week, Rashmi's doctor took her off bed rest and gave her the green light to do what she'd been wanting to do for a while, rock a maternity session! I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for the big belly, she would have done cartwheels. I was super honored to take part in their journey. I made sure to go slow, take it easy and make Rashmi feel fabulous. As she moved her body around, smiling and basking in that pregnant glow, Ajit was there to cheer her on and give her extra kisses on her shoulders in support.

Thank you both oh so much for the pleasant afternoon! I'm praying you have a smooth delivery. Kiss that baby for me! xoxo

Click here to see more of Rashmi & Ajit!


Roomie said...

What a beautiful mom to be!! And as usual, beautiful shots. I love maternity sessions! Great job Roomie...and Rashmi & Ajit - you guys were meant to be photographed!


Unknown said...

Just beautiful. She is just gorgeous!

Nea said...

I love these baby bump pics

Jen Berry said...

you are a master of maternity. Hint hint.

Jessica said...

Simply stunning! Y'all rocked it!