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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Noelle : Darling

Six pounds. Twelve ounces. Pure joy.
Noelle Rose entered the world last week with loads of people waiting on baited breath for her arrival. And when I say loads of people, picture the biggest party you've ever been to and imagine that many people in a waiting room. It was her first party and she wasn't even here yet. She is that loved. I'm so grateful that her Mommy & Daddy let me be such a big part of their pregnancy, asking countless questions, touching the belly like it was my own and sharing every last detail. I cannot wait to watch them grow as a family, teach Noelle how to play soccer and let her in on the magic of John Mayer. Here are some of my favorites.

Click here to see more of Noelle Rose!


bylauren said...

OMG! ALICIA!!!! AMAZING ! Sands paul, you have made a beautiful baby girl! I can't wait to see her grow into herself! lots of love!. Lauren

Megan Welker said...

what a beautiful baby!!! love these photos! cant wait to see more of her :)

tinamolina Events said...

OK SO I must have the baby bug seeing as these may or may not have totally made me cry! ahh. Cant wait to have another baby so you can photograph her! please! lol. Great work as usual.

Mommy said...

Mehhh! My goal for today was to not cry. YAH. Not so much anymore!

I love love love love these pictures! They make my heart melt all over again. Meh I love my perfect little girl.

Thanks so so much roomie for capturing her perfectly! I'm forever greatful for these amazing memories you have captured for us!!


andreaKphotography said...

These are just precious beyond words. Amazing light and I love the black and whites. Beautiful!!

kimby said...

i love these pictures. i've been snoopin on your blog lately but have never commented. i live in northern california, and your pictures make me wish i was local so you could be my photographer. although i'm not getting married or having a baby any time soon. :) some day! please keep posting pretty pictures!

Nins said...


they are breathtaking!!!!!

what LIPSS! so jelly!

Nins said...

LOVE the new logo too!

Unknown said...

your work is AMAZING! i love visiting your blog!