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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lorraine & Jason : Whenever

Of course, the way to my heart is always anything involving food so I particularly love Lorraine and Jason's story. They met in culinary school. Jason was in his last year, Lorraine had just begun. They both noticed each other but you know how things go - things like nerves, fast paced heartbeats and spaghetti sauce get in the way. One day, Jason worked up enough courage to get closer to Lorraine, see what she was all about. As he walked towards her, Lorraine did what any normal, first year culinary student would do, she whispered under her breath, please don't ask to taste my recipe, please don't ask to taste my recipe. But with a few bats of her eyelashes, what she was making on the stove that day meant nothing compared to the love Lorraine and Jason have cooked up until this point.

Lorraine and Jason were married one year ago this month so they decided to jump back in front of the camera to document this stage in their marriage. They've moved from the Valley, to Las Vegas, to the OC and now they're back in LA, where they feel at most at home. I love that they chose Los Angeles as the backdrop to their session, it literally shows exactly where they're at collectively after their first year. Adore!

Thank you both for hanging out with me so early in the morning. I had so much fun catching up and I hope we can meet up soon for some gourmet food. I'm pretty sure Jason can cook up a li'l sumpin that will make my tummy happy. Just sayin'...

Click here to see more of Lorraine & Jason!

Since we started our session at 7am, the light was glorious!

We ended our session at Milk where Lorraine and Jason adorably shared an ice cream cone. And would you know it, dear interwebz, for once in my life, I didn't get anything. My trainer would be proud!


Lauri said...

The light is absolutely gorgeous in these! Love the ones with all the light posts! Such an awesome backdrop! Beautiful work :-)

Jessica said...

Crikey! Where do I begin? 1. These pictures are beautiful! So light and airy! 2. If my husband graduated from culinary school (and masseuse school) my life would be set. 3. Anthropologie dress...need to stop trolling that site. 4. Milk + macaroon ice cream sandwiches = happiness

Megan Welker said...

7am!! i need to get my butt out of bed and get out there! that light is amazing! what an adorable couple! fabulous shoot my dear. I love it!

jamiedelaine said...

super talented. loving it.

Lorraine said...

You couldn't have picked a better song for us...We love the photos! Thanks so much!