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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giselle & Arnold : Engaged

16 years old. Boys. Girls. Friends. Trends. Parties. The last thing on your mind at that age is wondering if the next person you meet is going to be the one you'll marry. Well, that's the story of Giselle and Arnold. Their families ran with the same crowds so 15 years ago, they met. But that was it. They were young and at a completely different place in their lives. They went their separate ways and, according to them both, lived through lots of relationship drama only to be reunited years later.

About a year ago, through the wonderful invention of what I like to call the interwebz, they were reunited. After a few phone calls and emails, they were comfortably reacquainted and went on their first date. The rest was simple. 15 years after they first met, they fell in love. This past weekend, we met in Hermosa Beach, on their first anniversary for their engagement session. I was so excited to spend such a special day with them and even more excited when the day turned out to be overcast. Thank you both for such a fun day!

Click here to see more of Giselle & Arnold!


Bani said...

LOVE! heart them all! Nice work dizzle!

Anonymous said...

hi alicia! i'm trying to contact you via email but is bouncing back. can you email me? thanks!

Jessica said...

The lighting is killer but you already know that. :-P These images are sweet!

Jen Berry said...

killer shots under the pier. Especially the wide vertical. wicked