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Friday, October 16, 2009

Christina & Jason : Whenever

Christina + Jason.
Jason + Christina.
Together Forever.
Love. Love. Love.
These are all little things doodled on post-its and notebooks throughout the years. Being high school sweethearts, I'm sure it was hard for Christina not to doodle about the boy she was in love with. It's been a long and fun road for Christina and Jason. They've gone through ups. They've gone through downs. They've gone through many, many, MANY Lakers seasons as they are self proclaimed HUGE fans. Similar to Jack Nicholson. Except way cuter and with better taste in shoes.

Last week, I met Christina & Jason in Old Town Pasadena. When I suggested for us to begin our session shooting in the parking garage, they both looked at me and said "let's go"! I love when clients just roll with whatever I ask them to try. Makes for fun pictures and a happy me. Thank you both for doing anything and everything and being so fun about it all. And Christina, I fully expect to meet up with you in 16 days to indulge in Dot's Cupcakes. Deal?

Click here to see more of Christina & Jason!


Marissa Rodriguez said...

What a beautiful couple! You did such a great job! And I love their outfits!

Bea said...

Fabulous! Great job my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm new reader to your blog and a fabulous photographer in the making too (I hope) and I'm really enjoying watching you grow and develop as I try to do the same.
Love this shoot, the light is amazing. You really worked it well. Was wondering what time of day you chose to shoot?


Jessica said...