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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day with me...

I'm sure it happens to many people all the time. But somehow, in my life it happens daily. I sit and think and try my hardest to prepare for the days events. What batteries I need to charge, what clothes I need to pack, how I'm going to get through a session without making a fool of myself. I pretend all the time that things are going well, that I've prepared enough, that I'll be dressed to kill and look like the Vogue model I want to be. Unfortunately for me, I always fail miserably. But you know what? I finally am okay with it. Which is why I'm able to tell you a few of the things I'm talking about, that happened to me in the last week.

Did I tell you about the time that I stood on a chair to photograph a garter toss, and before I knew it, the chair gave out and I fell off the chair? As I prayed and hoped no one saw me, I was sure I was bleeding but I had no choice but to get up quickly and scurry to capture the groom as he threw the garter. I did so successfully and immediately ran to a dark corner to check out the damage. Thankfully there was no blood involved but I do have the nastiest purple, blueish green bruise that covers half of my leg to show for it.

What about the time that I planned to spend the weekend at my parents house? Since I knew I'd be attending several different events, I packed my most flattering outfits - my favorite maxi dress for day time, my purple heels that make me feel sassy, my pink ruffly top that makes "the girls" look their best, my comfiest romper for my 7am session. The weekend would be perfect and I'd be appropriately dressed for all my plans. All was well in my insanely packed day until I realized, with no time to spare, that I didn't pack a bra. Not a strapless, not a racerback, nada, which completely sucked since almost every outfit every woman wears REQUIRES coverage! I'll spare everyone the details but let's just say I improvised. All in a day's work of being a woman I suppose.

And for my last embarrassing number for the day, did I tell you about the time, today actually, that I was wearing a skirt and as I walked into the UPS store, a gust of wind passed and completely blew my skirt up. Although I was mortified, I'm sure the UPS delivery guys who were standing 5 feet away loading their trucks were pleasantly surprised by the free show they received. Mhmm, these are what days with me are usually like. I won't bore you with any more pointless stories but I will share some photographs that are patiently waiting to be featured.

Krissy & Tim : Married

Annie & Robin : Married with Heidi Ryder

Danae & Brian : Married with Hazelnut Photography

Lorraine & Jason : Whenever


tinamolina Events said...

eeek I cant wait for the Krissy and Tim wedding... She looks beautiful in that picture as she did in person. :)

Oh and dont worry about the falls and mishaps.. sounds just like my life.. seriously. it happens to the best of us! You are adorably cute!

xoxo - Christina

Diandra Ann said...

I love that one of Krissy and Tim! So so cute. And I dont think anyone noticed you falling off the chair :)

Meli said...

I can most Definitely relate to the "forgot to pack a bra" kindda deal =). Thanks for sharing your RandomNess: Makes me want 2 Meet U in Person one day: && Gossip Over a Cupcake How Lovely it is to be A GIRL <3
Can't wait for the Upcoming Blog Posts!!!

Kayleen Taulanga said...

At least your hip broke your fall and not your camera! Love the first picture!

Emilie said...

This is gorgeous!!!

Katie T. said...

Ok I love you Ala! You are so cute! I'm clumsy too so it's all good!

Jessica said...

I have a slightly similar experience like your lack of bra incident. Seriously, you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Your teasers are looking fierce!

Megan Welker said...

haha well at least you can look back and laugh at it now :) can't wait to see more from your shoots! the teasers are fab!

Anonymous said...

Do you mind me asking what aperture the first shot was shot at? I love that look and have been trying so hard to achieve it! :) Would love some tips!

ajira said...

ha ha ha you are too funny! Adore the candidness... it's the gift of being human, all this fumbling around we do. Love it!

Great photos too... looking forward to seeing the rest!