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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Krissy & Tim : Married

The street was closed off, people were in and out of the house, the neighbors all knew - that day wasn't just a typical day. It was a special day. The day two young hearts vowed their lives to one another. To grow old laugh love together. Last week, in front of all their family and close friends, with smiles in their eyes, Krissy and Tim made all of these promises and then some.

The day was filled to the brim with love and emotion. Lots of happy children running around playing games, adorable babies, vibrant grandparents, insanely cute dogs and an incredibly fun bridal party. I can't say enough how much fun it is to get to spend such a happy day with so many people. Thank you Krissy & Tim for having me their to witness your love. And Tim, next time, I promise I'll have a drink with you when I'm "off work"!

It was so much fun to finally get to work with Tina Molina Events. Her and her assistant literally pulled the day together and made things that much more giggly. A special thanks also to Diandra Ann for coming out to shoot with me. You made my day more fabulous!

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Krissy had her new married name painted on her toes. It's all in the details!

I adore Krissy's face in this photo. Squeeze!

Diesel & Shinoda attended the engagement session so, of course, they made an appearance at the wedding. Duh, they're family members!

Just before the ceremony, Krissy peeked out of her bridal suite and got super excited to see all her guests.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day with me...

I'm sure it happens to many people all the time. But somehow, in my life it happens daily. I sit and think and try my hardest to prepare for the days events. What batteries I need to charge, what clothes I need to pack, how I'm going to get through a session without making a fool of myself. I pretend all the time that things are going well, that I've prepared enough, that I'll be dressed to kill and look like the Vogue model I want to be. Unfortunately for me, I always fail miserably. But you know what? I finally am okay with it. Which is why I'm able to tell you a few of the things I'm talking about, that happened to me in the last week.

Did I tell you about the time that I stood on a chair to photograph a garter toss, and before I knew it, the chair gave out and I fell off the chair? As I prayed and hoped no one saw me, I was sure I was bleeding but I had no choice but to get up quickly and scurry to capture the groom as he threw the garter. I did so successfully and immediately ran to a dark corner to check out the damage. Thankfully there was no blood involved but I do have the nastiest purple, blueish green bruise that covers half of my leg to show for it.

What about the time that I planned to spend the weekend at my parents house? Since I knew I'd be attending several different events, I packed my most flattering outfits - my favorite maxi dress for day time, my purple heels that make me feel sassy, my pink ruffly top that makes "the girls" look their best, my comfiest romper for my 7am session. The weekend would be perfect and I'd be appropriately dressed for all my plans. All was well in my insanely packed day until I realized, with no time to spare, that I didn't pack a bra. Not a strapless, not a racerback, nada, which completely sucked since almost every outfit every woman wears REQUIRES coverage! I'll spare everyone the details but let's just say I improvised. All in a day's work of being a woman I suppose.

And for my last embarrassing number for the day, did I tell you about the time, today actually, that I was wearing a skirt and as I walked into the UPS store, a gust of wind passed and completely blew my skirt up. Although I was mortified, I'm sure the UPS delivery guys who were standing 5 feet away loading their trucks were pleasantly surprised by the free show they received. Mhmm, these are what days with me are usually like. I won't bore you with any more pointless stories but I will share some photographs that are patiently waiting to be featured.

Krissy & Tim : Married

Annie & Robin : Married with Heidi Ryder

Danae & Brian : Married with Hazelnut Photography

Lorraine & Jason : Whenever

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ruiz Family : Darling

One of my favoritest little families. Ever. Jackie and Peter are just the sweetest, happiest, most carefree people. And sweet little Gracie...I couldn't believe how big she had gotten since our last session. And those curls! I adore her curls! I know I've said tons of times that we're not having babies for a long, long, long, long time but that doesn't mean we don't talk about them. One of the things I always make Steven promise is that he'll pass on his curls to our little ones. So, dear husband, see Gracie's curls? Give them to our babies. Deal?

We literally climbed down a cliff to get to our location and they handled it like pros. You would never have thought Jackie was even pregnant. She easily navigated her way on the walk down, holding bags and Gracie simultaneously, cheering on her sister Teena. Even though she's younger than me, I have to say when I grow up and get pregnant, I want to do it with as much ease and grace as Jackie does. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

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And last but not least, a sister belly shot. Teena and Jackie are a week apart. A WEEK! How awesome that they are pregnant together! Now their little girls can grow up just as close as they did!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teena : Darling

Babies, babies and more babies! See, I told you the little ones are following me! And please, before you say "that means you and Steven should start having babies", trust me, don't do it. I'll probably flick rubberbands at your head. Just sayin'...

Anyway, back to Teena. She is one of the most beautiful women I know. There's never a time that I've seen her without a smile on her face. She literally laughs at the smallest of things and it is so fun and refreshing to be around her. Teena has been dying to have another baby and now that William is 4, it is the perfect time to add on to her family. I'm so excited because she is having a girl! Lots of pink bows and dresses and sparkles coming to her household soon!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seven Years.

September 20, 2002 seems like mere minutes ago. But here I find myself, a few blinks, some tears, loads of kisses and endless giggles away from that day seven years ago. The day the sweet boy I couldn't stop thinking about took me to the beach, kissed my forehead and asked me to be his girlfriend. Eighth grade style. The only thing missing was a piece of paper that said "circle yes or no".

I never understood love before I found him. What I had known before was pure infatuation. But with him, I learned about love. Real love. The unconditional kind. The no judgement kind. The follow your dreams kind. The hold me until I fall asleep kind. The open the car door kind. The I never want to live a day without you kind. I never imagined being part of a love like this. But oh man, I'm grateful for all of our days together.

Last week, as I looked at my calendar and noticed September 20th creeping up on us, I made a decision. I decided to stop and enjoy him for the simple reason of enjoying him. To smell him. To run my fingers through his curls. To watch his chest slowly move up and down as he drifts off to sleep. I want to remember him not just for the man he is but for the little moments that I used to take for granted. Watching him sleep is my new favorite thing to do.

Seven years later, that sweet boy is now my husband and we still hold hands and giggle like school kids. Only now, we steal moments and he lets me kiss HIS forehead.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taryn : Whenever

Sometimes, my clients and I have months to plan a session. Going over details and locations and outfits, back and forth, until things come together perfectly. This is the system I'm used to and most of the time it works out fabulously. But other times, as in this case, I am randomly called and the client wants to book me for the very next day. After the initial shock of how we were going to bring everything together for a successful session in less than 12 hours, I was so excited to get a camera in my hands and get to work.

Yesterday, I met up with Taryn, a wonderfully natural, free-spirited, carefree beauty who carries herself with such grace. She needed some editorial shots for her portfolio, pronto, and although she insisted she was nervous, I quickly found out that she totally knew what she was doing. Even after getting kicked out of our original location, Taryn just smiled and went with the flow - bending, kneeling, curling, being all fierce - with little direction from me. I adored working with her and I adored working in a more grungy, gritty location. Thank you Taryn for choosing me and for knocking my socks off. I hope to work together soon! xoxo

La la la loved that Taryn embraces her beauty. Her naked face and soft curls are a true reflection of her naturally sweet personality.