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Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving x 2

A few big things in my life took place this past week. If you missed me on the blog, I apologize. I was workin' things out in my personal life. Big. Huge. Things. They happened. And I know once I tell you, you'll be all, Ala, seriously? Lots and lots of people do that kinda stuff all the time! Yes, I realize that, but the difference is these things happened IN MY LIFE! So, therefore, they're big. K?

Moving on, last week I said goodbye (for now) to my best friend Amber. I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Amber, she's made several appearances on this blog and for good reason, she's one of my favorite people on earf. Yes, I just said's cooler than earth. Amber has embarked on a journey that I'm not sure the world is ready for - she's moved away to college!! Can you believe that? My little Mem, my best friend, my little sister, my maid of honor - moved away to the big city. Even though I am going to miss our cupcake runs, our trips to Penguins, our Dexter marathon days and late nights with g-ma and g-pa, she is tucked away, hours away and is ready to begin a journey that is going to rock her world. I couldn't be more thrilled for the great things she's going to do. I just know it.

Amber, I decided to make this an open note, you know, because hopefully I'll cry less writing it. I am so proud of you. You amaze me every single day with your ability to laugh and get through whatever it is life throws at you. And let's be honest, you've dodged more balls than most people I know. Your courage inspires me on a daily basis, because I know that if you're laughing and enjoying life, I should be too. I know you've told me growing up, you wanted to follow in my footsteps, you looked up to me and were inspired by me - I mean, I know, I'm just really really cool - but let me tell you, right now, I'm looking up to you. You have the world at your fingertips and while you could have easily sat back, you're going after what you want to make your life and your earf a better place. Enjoy it, study, make friends, find yourself, LIVE! I know you will. And when you feel like it's all too much, take a step back and remember that you're inspiring me. I love you so much and we can't wait to come visit you in our favoritest city!

And on that note - I moved too! I am no longer a "valley girl". Well, okay, so the valley girl will always live inside me. But I'm just not a practicing valley girl. I've finally moved to Steven's neck of the woods, the South Bay! I don't really know what South Bay means, I just know all the cool kids say it down 'round these parts. I realize it's not that far from my hometown but I've always needed my parents at arm's reach for my own reasons and remember the part where IT'S HAPPENING TO ME? Things are always bigger and more dramatic when they happen to me people! But anyway, I must say, it's so fun to experience new things especially when you have a really cute man that you love by your side. Yesterday, Steven drove me around town to teach me all I'd need to know, the mall's here, there's a frozen yogurt place there, you know, things that are vital to my survival on a daily basis. I'm so excited to get fully settled in and live life with my lovely! And if you're in the South Bay, I'd love to make some new friends, get out and shoot, possibly grab a cupcake...holler!


Da Fashionista said...

congrats on the move and sniff sniff to the little baby moving away to school.

on the upside you are now closer to busy bee. go there now:

Unknown said...

i think I might cry... i can't believe amber is all grown up and off to college.... i remember when we were little and i would spend the night with you two... geez... time is just flying by and i sometimes wish i could stop it just for a little bit and be back to those times... when we were young and nothing mattered but each other... i miss you guys
-your cousin
in the OC

Amber Landin said...

Aww Alicia, you made me cry. I love you and miss you already and yes it hasn't even been a week yet Lol. i am so thankful to have you in my life, you have inspired me to go out and follow my dreams, just like you have. Thank you, I Love You, & don't worry cupcake runs are still possible over v chat Ha!
Love you - Amber

Ms. Christina said...

Awww.. Your sister is awesome! Good for her! It might be tough but she will get through it just fine!

Jenny Liu said...

Welcome to the south bay ~ we'll be neighbors :) Love to grab cupcakes and coffee with you sometimes. Look for me whenever !

Cyn Landin-Martinez said...

I did both r amazing & I luv you very much.

luv your waterworks big sis
in B-town

arociorobles said...

Welcome! You will love it here. There is a delicious new bakery with awesome cupcakes in the Manhattan Village: Susie Cakes. And for dessert so beautiful and scrumptious they might give you a little tear: Pattiserie Chantilly in Lomita. :)

wrecklessgirl said...

as in...the south san francisco BAY? :)

Jessica said...

Good luck to your bestie! Oh to be young again in a new big city. It's scary at first but the excitement and opportunities will take over soon.

Yay for you on the big move! The South Bay has lots of places to get your eat on.

Mar5195 said...

Lurker found you on my two favorite blogs (Jasmine Star & Diabolina). I'm a South Bay resident (Torrance) if you ever need the a suggestion you can always ask me on Twitter (mar5195). I'm following you over there.

Love your work!

ajira said...

Like wrecklessgirl I got excited and wondered if you were talking about the South Bay up here near SF. But alas, you mean the South Bay down there in SoCal, no? Anyway, it's all good as I come down to visit my in-laws in Long Beach once in a while, so hopefully we can meet for coffee on one of those visits!

Yay for your sister and yay for you on the big moves and changes in your lives.

AbiQ said...

South bay?? SF or LA??? Cause I just moved to the EAST BAY. SF. ;)

Mari Medina said...

Awww almost made me cry! love this post!