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Monday, August 17, 2009

Lindsay & Tony : Darling

Throughout the last 10 years I have met and become close to a very special circle of friends. Destiny brought us all together through a silly little thing called a "sorority". And though college is but a distant memory of our past, it warms my heart to know that over the years, a few of us girls have remained close, despite all the hustle and bustle of life.

Lindsay is one of those special girls. From the sorority house, to our 5-bedroom rented houses (where we came across the most sheisty landlord to ever walk this planet plus a DJ rapper plumber, but I digress...) to our weddings, our friendship has endured and my heart holds a special space for her.

Lindsay, Tony and his two boys Dylan and Ryan are soon going to welcome a third beautiful boy into their family and I coudln't be happier for them! If there's one thing about Linds that stands out the most, it's that she was made to be a mom from the day she was born. I can't wait to see her transform from my friend to MOM. Thank you guys for trusting me. For walking barefoot and for standing on ants. Sooooo excited for the next few weeks! xoxo

Click here to see more of Lindsay & Tony.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I'm sure she's thrilled.

Roomie + Blank said...

Sooo beautiful! You really really have a knack for shooting us pregnants =) I got teary and emotional all over again lol! I love them all. Great job Lints, TR, Dylan and Ryan! You guys look amazing!

Kayleen Taulanga said...

beautiful! i love the last one and the one below the tree!

Lindsay Rolando said...

Like Sands really do know how to make us preggos feel beautiful! I love the pics more than words can describe. Thank you to you and Lauren for making me feel pretty again.

Beatriz said...

What a blessing to have you so close to capture such beautiful pictures. Lindsay looks amazing!!

Verenice said...

Your work is absolutely amazing!!!! I am just in awe and loving all these pics! :)

Nins said...

These are so absolutely gorgeous ala!!

Linds - you look so amazinggggg!

im so glad that you are here to capture this incredible time in our friends lives!! ugh!