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Friday, June 12, 2009

A Cutie and a Contest

I wanted to introduce you all to The Modern Type's newest employee. I interviewed lots of applicants (in my head) but he won me over with his sweet smile, the sense of humor of a 7-year old and the promise of a lifetime of searing ahi tuna for me. I mean does it GET any better than that? And although I can only pay him in kisses and foot rubs, I'm pretty sure he's stoked to be here. Everyone say hello to Steven/Steve-o/Stevie/Stebs, the new in-house slideshow song finder.

Also, don't forget about the Set your timer & Run Contest! You have until noon on Monday, June 15 to submit your photos so everyone get to work over the weekend!


Araceli said...

You are too adorable Alicia....I inquired about a photoshoot with my newborn son and myself a while ago....I like to keep up with your blog, you are so funny!

P.s. sent you an email regarding your vendor for your shower cake :)

Jasmine said...

Can I hire him part time? Com'on...hook me up!! ;)

Meli said...

Cute =)
Still Working on our Pictures!
May I just add:: It's been quite the work out setting the timer & Running to position, Trying to Look All Cute? LOL.. Are Tripod's okay?

Nins said...

my pics have been submitted!

good luck to us!