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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wesley : Darling

What can I say about the Vitar family? The first thing that comes to mind is how welcoming they are. From the first time we met, I felt like we were all old friends. They are the sweetest, most easygoing family I've encountered thus far. A few weeks ago we did a family session and we had such a great time. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Kim and that she had delivered a healthy little Wesley. She wanted me to come document him at 11 days old. I was ecstatic to meet the little boy that used to live in her tummy because I knew he'd be a cutie.

Earlier this week, I met the yummy little Wesley at their home. It was very hard for me not to kick off my shoes and hang out on the couch, play airplanes with Eli or chit chat with Kim about girly stuff, you know, make-up and waxing...they are THAT cool. And fun. And people like them make me fall more and more in love with my job.

Mike and Kim - many thanks for welcoming me into your home and letting me be a small part of your story. xoxo

Check out the slideshow for more pics!

Eli is adorable. He pulled out every toy to show me. This was my favorite, for obvious reasons.

How much do you love this room? I loved it almost as much as I loved the all the natural light that filled their home.

And this rug!


Beezles said...

These are absolutely adorable!!! Seriously, you are way too cool for school with these. Yummy babies and yummy photography. Perfect!

Nins said...

OMG he is REALLY CUUTE! good job parents!

and great pics! LOVE LOVE that room/rug =)

and if there weren't pics to document, I would swear there is no way she was ever pregnant! omg! said...

Wow. she looks fantastic!! And I am in love with her room too. I want one!!!

Great job! You caught some great expressions which is pretty hard to do with a teeny baby!

BlanksTrueJokermom said...

So so so cute little baby! Cutest 11 day old I've seen yet.

And momma K...holy heck you look great!

What a beautiful family!

Ashley Rose said...

So cute!!!!!! I love 1 & 5 =) and also the shot in her room, sooo precious :)

Christa said...

SO CUTE!!!!!! Amazing. Stunning.

I adore the purple rug. ANYWAY of knowing where it came from by chance??? If so I would totally appreciate knowing. Thank you!