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Monday, May 4, 2009

Audish Sisters : Whenever

Christine, Kat, Di, and Lisa. So different, yet so similar. The dynamic between sisters is something that cannot be explained. I know personally, I love my sisters so much it hurts and although we sometimes get on each other's last nerve, I couldn't imagine walking through life without them. These sisters are no different. They teased each other at times, gave each other encouragement, and held hands as they climbed down a hill in heels. Yes, I'm the mean photographer that got them in the last situation but they all handled it with such ease. I'm fairly certain it was because they were all together.

Thank you girls for hanging out with me, climbing, laying, chewing and just going with the flow. It was a pleasure working with you! xoxo

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It's so fun to watch my clients get comfortable in front of the lens. Most feel awkward at first but their personalities shine through within minutes. These girls totally worked it. Makes my job so much more fun!


Kayleen Taulanga said...

Ooh that first one is soo fierce girl! Love it!

Blanks Mom said...

So fun! I've never seen the other 3 Audish sisters...they are all very cute!

These pics came out awesome...the sky is gorgeous! Love!

Genevieve said...

Sister pics are the best kind of pics. The first one is especially amazing!

Jessica said...


Bessanio said...

These are great, do you mind me asking what's in your camera bag? more spec. what glass was used in this shoot?