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Friday, April 3, 2009

Late night finds...

It's 11:45pm and it's the first Friday in a long, long while that I've been able to curl up on the couch, watch Friends and shop online. What a dream this night has been. I've been looking around online for a bridal shower dress. I actually have like 4 new dresses in my closet but I'm so indecisive, I'm the type of girl that shops up until the very last minute before I need to wear something. I'm pretty sure this drives Steven crazy. Well, it probably drives my friends crazy too. But lucky for you, my non-stop online shopping/browsing has brought some of my readers a gift! I've had several inquiries about where I bought the grey top I wore in my engagement shoot from.

I got it a few months ago from Anthropologie and then it vanished from their stores. Well, tonight I saw they have it again but in ivory!! It's still just as fabulous so go out and get it before it vanishes again!

Also, I purchased my wedding shoes today! They're gorgeous but man are they high. Like whoa. I'm contemplating keeping them due to their height. I know, I know, why would I purchase shoes I'm unsure of? I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. Plus, I know I have 10 days to return them so I can sit and stare (and walk around my living room) while I make my decision. Until then, here are some beautiful pretties that I'd definitely rock if I had a million dollars.

Have a good weekend everyone! Check back tomorrow for a super cool session I shot in New York!


Jessica said...

The top pair makes me weak in the needs. So impractical but so freaking fun! Le sigh.

Ashley Rose said...

Seriously if my hubby would let me, i would by both pairs in a heartbeat!!!! =) i wanna see your wedding shoes!!!! im sure they are fab! ;)