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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kim, Mike & Elias

Or as I called them, Mommy, Daddy & Eli. I didn't actually meet the Vitar family until the day of our session but I like to think my clients and I are close-knit the second we start shooting. Kim emailed me a few weeks ago hoping I could squeeze them in for a family/maternity shoot. With only a month left before her due date, she wanted to be sure to get some portraits because she wasn't able to during her first pregnancy since Elias came prematurely. Um, yes please! Since I haven't really mentioned this on my blog before I'll say it now - I adore maternity sessions! Pregnancy is such an intimate experience for a woman and her family and I am honored to document such a special time. Plus, pregnant women glow and it's hard to take a bad picture.

Kim is the type of girl who, if it weren't for the baby bump, you wouldn't know she was pregnant. She carries herself with such ease and grace it's easy to fall into comfort with her. It's no surprise that Mike is head over heels for his wife, constantly tending to her, with a hand at the small of her back quietly letting her know he was there. And the two of them together are amazing parents to that beautiful little boy. I'm not going to lie, I think I'm in love with little cutie Eli! If his parents weren't so fantastic, I would have stuck him in my shootsac and ran away!

Kim, Mike and Eli - thank you for finding me and trusting me with your memories. I cannot wait for baby W. to arrive! He's going to fit right into the little love nook you have created. See you all soon and I'll be sure to bring tictac's, pine cones and a train. xoxo


Isn't Kim stunning? (And teeny! Dear God, make me look like Kim. Thanks!)

See, it's true. Pregnant women GLOW!

Eli is such a daddy's boy! He loves his daddy and was glued to his side most of the day. Such a sweet bond those boys share!


Roomie said...

Awwww too too cute!! I skipped your paragraph at first and went straight to the pictures and totally didn't even realize she was pregnant til a few pics in. She's teeny!! =) Love these pics.

Nina Sapphira said...

Amazing photos. The mommy-to be is super cute too..and soo teeny. l

Ricci said...

Hey! He works with my dad!! Did you know he was in a movie once??

Great shots... they're a great looking family!

Ashley Rose said...

These are adorable! Seriously she is such a cute preggers =)

mrs.csunsweetie said...

I always forget to bookmark your blog!! i love that photo of her in the field. it's breathtaking!