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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barbara : Whenever

Over the weekend, I met with Barbara to take some portraits for a personal, special reason at her request. Barbara is one of the most easygoing people ever because when I suggested we meet at 7am to avoid crowds and to catch the yummy morning light, she totally went for it. Since my clients choose their own locations, whenever they choose the beach, I recommend the early session time and the reaction I get more often than not is a death stare. Not Barbara, she showed up ready and willing to do anything! She even came prepared with ideas of her own which I love.

Barbara has a beautiful inner peace within her. Most of the time she'd get lost in thought, lost in the sound of the waves crashing close by and her heart just shined through her gorgeous baby blues. I think this is the peaceful look Barbara was going for and I really hope her special someone enjoys them.

Barbara, thank you so much for hanging out with me so early in the morning. I hope you had a fantastic time at the grand prix and that you remembered to wear sunscreen! xoxo

Barbara chose this gorgeous rock formation cave thing and it blew my mind! I'd love to go back! Just sayin'...

My favorite shot of the day. Thank you, 24mm!


Coughing Roomie said...

Beautiful! Beautiful Barbara, beautiful location, and beautiful shots!

Great job!! I think they came out great!

Meli said...

What a Lovely Location. You captured Barbara so Beautifully =)

Ashley Rose said...

I love the giant palm tree one! and gorg location! =)

Jasmine said...

Love the location and that gorgeous morning light...Barbara must be thrilled! :)