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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Special Delivery!

Guess what's in the mail today?

FINALLY! Working with a smaller guest list has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks I've encountered while planning our wedding. Both our parents have about 23 siblings between them and you know what that means - lots of cousins, and second cousins, and third cousins. The woes of a humongous Mexican family. This isn't even factoring in our friends! Early on in our engagement though, we decided that even if we had a platinum wedding style budget to work with, we would still want something small and intimate. Sounds easy right? In theory, I'm sure it is. But in real life, not so much.

Anyway, I'm just so excited that my little beauties have finally reached their departure date. And that the people closest to us will have them in their hands very shortly. 16 months down, 2 months to go.

Beautiful Calligraphy by Pretty Pen Jen.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and have a great time on your special day :)

karri said...

Must...see...inside deliciousness!

Unknown said...

Calligraphy source???? Stunning!

Jessica said...

No pics of the invites? You tease. BTW, weekend twin, I'm still working on the invites...bad I know.

Oh, and um I understand the large Mexican family issue. Mr. Jessebel has told me one too many times how lucky we are that his Father holds grudges.

Ashley Rose said...

I remember when we delivered (yes hand delivered -lol) our invites, I was sooo excited!!!! Congrats =) its super close now!
Oh and I understand the big mexican family guestlist :) haha, my maiden name= Pena! So our list was insane ;) xoxo!

Meli said...

Ditto Jessebel: no invite Pixs? Loveley Calligraphy! Congratz & how exciting to finally put these baby's out the door!

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYYA now off to the BP!

Nins said...

quick comment... I have never ran to my mailobox so fast! you can ask my mailman... he often throws piles at my door in anger due to overflows. ITS GORGEOUS and I can't wait to attend!!