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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leinea & Ed : Whenever

In a world where you can go on the internet and access an infinite amount of information, Leinea somehow found me. After exchanging emails over the last few months, we came to find out that our husbands (well, my soon-to-be husband =)) work together and grew up playing sports against each other. We had actually met over 2 years ago at a holiday party and hadn't realized it until later! Huge internet world = small real world!

Leinea and Ed have been happily married for a few years and wanted some updated images of the two of them. I love, love, love this because I know most people don't make time to document their relationship just because. Leinea is the type of girl that you want to be your friend - cheerful, kind and fabulous. And Ed, well, he quietly listens and laughs alongside her with an ear to ear smile. Clearly, these two make each other better.

I had a great time last weekend roaming Abbot Kinney in Venice with them. Although it was an intensely windy day, we managed to find lots of color, some quiet spots and most importantly, I had the opportunity to capture this stage of their relationship. Thank you both putting your faith in me. I can't wait to hang out again! xoxo

(click images to enlarge)

Isn't Leinea's smile simply infectious?

I warned them at the beginning that I may stop mid-sentence if I see a spot we should be shooting in. Since it was a windy day, Ed would throw on his shades and her the jacket between spots. As you can see, it all happened so fast, they're still wearing both. But I love it!

I was tempted to contact Fred Huffman to sell me this bus. I love old cars with character. I think it makes this image that much more fun!


Kayleen Taulanga said...

These are gorgeous! I love the first one! and I love her name! soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Great post!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! This couple is adorable!

Ashley Rose said...

This couple is just gorgeous, I love the alley way shots =) perfection! And i love the location!!!!!! xoxo!

Jessica said...

The chemistry between them is undeniable. I love the pops of purple in the second pic!