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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Steven!

Today my beautiful husband-to-be (I puffy heart saying husband any way/any time I can!) turns another year older - 29. A very young looking 29, no? I'm incredibly grateful for this man who walked into my life 6.5 years ago and I'm very much looking forward to growing old with him. When we're together, I'm pretty sure we resemble 2 school-aged kids joking and giggling at obscene jokes and still reeling from the fact that we're allowed to date, complete with butterflies and all. I love that about him. He brings out the kid in me.

All he wants today (in his words) is to workout and eat a good, hearty lunch. Food? I'm in! Hey, I'm not going to fight the birthday boy on his wishes. And since I posted a young birthday picture of me, here's a young picture of little Steven.

I'm off to New York this evening for my bachelorette party! Wooo! And before you all think I'm a crazy mean fiance who is completely ignoring his birthday, let me add that he is heading to Las Vegas this weekend for his. So I guess we both will be enjoying birthday weekend! I have no idea what the plans are for New York. All I know is what time I need to be at the airport. Apparently, the rest is a surprise so I'm literally on the edge of my seat right now! I do know that I have the most amazing friends and sisters on earth and I can't wait to play! I will be back to returning any emails on Monday, March 30. xoxo


Kayleen Taulanga said...

aww what cutie, look at all his hair! Have fun in NYC!

Ashley Rose said...

Def. a young 29 pho sho =) Happy Bday to your soon to be hubby!!!!And lucky bride-y going to NY , have soooo much fun ;) go to serendipity if you can and get a frozen hot chocolate for me!!! xoxo!

Jessica said...

That is a snazzy 80s shirt! Happy Birthday to the man! And you have fun in NYC! Get your SATC on. ;)

Mary Marantz said...

this is SO cute! hope you guys had a great time!

Jasmine said...

SO FUN!! Glad to hear things are going well and life is wonderful! xoxo
p.s. Happy belated BDay Steven! ;)