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Friday, December 12, 2008

Jessica, Frank & AJ : Whenever

This little family is the sweetest ever. When we found out their desired location was unavailable the morning of our session, they were super patient and open to ideas. We ended up going to Balboa Lake and it was packed. Like, nonsense style. I've never seen that many people at a park in the morning! We found a small nook of the park less populated and played there. Yes, we played. AJ wanted nothing to do with my camera. Wherever I was, he wanted to make sure his back was facing me. We had to coerce looks and smiles by letting him throw balls at me. Nice. But really, it was the cutest thing ever. I love little boys. And Steven will probably roll his eyes when I say this but I'm praying whenever we have babies, we have some boys. ;)

For these, we let him throw leaves at me instead of balls.


Anonymous said...

these are really really great!!! what a beautiful family!

great job ala!

Jessica said...

Eeks, so adorable!

Meli said...

Lovely!! How Cute is that little Boy>>??

Anonymous said...

These are SO CUTE! You got some GREAT ones!

Anonymous said...

So so cute! What a beautiful family! And great photos to boot!

Aileen said...

Great photos! What a beautiful family!