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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evette : Darling

Evette is one of those girls - you know, the kind you always want to be around; the kind that can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything; the kind that can light up an entire room. She has an infectious smile and laugh that its hard to be unhappy in her presence. I just don't think it's possible.

I've been finding it incredibly difficult to just plop a bunch of images into a blog post without giving readers a backstory about the connections I have with the people I'm capturing. If all of my words get to be overwhelming, let me know in the comments section.

Two years ago, Steven and I were lucky enough to be present while my dear friend Evette vowed her life to an amazing man amidst the picturesque Olawalu Plantation in Maui. It was the most beautiful day and I knew then that her and her husband were bound to have an incredibly fulfilling life together. When she told me they were expecting, my heart skipped a beat. They are the first in our circle of friends to welcome a yummy little cutie into the world and I'm beyond thrilled for them.

I had visions of something natural, ethereal, rich and open. I didn't really know any location that fit the bill, and according to Grant (Evette's husband), I'd have to move to Iowa to find it. We stumbled on this piece of land that ended up working out fabulously. Thanks Evette for braving the cold weather, laying, kneeling, and leaning on command. Also, hair and makeup was done by Lauren so a special thanks goes out to her. And Grant, I know you're probably not reading this, but thanks for holding all our stuff and being a patient hubby. I can't wait for baby A's arrival!

My favorite shot of the day. I love the craziness of the tree framing her!

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? And look how a little speck of light is shining on her belly!



Jessica said...

So earthy yet soft. Love them.

Also, keep up with the backstories! I, for one, love knowing the history behind a photo but then again that was my major in college. :P Seriously though, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe our little Shmevette is all growns up! She looks gorgeous! Simply beautiful. Perfect belly, perfect shots.


Anonymous said...

So Evette. So you. I love how your styles just meshed so perfect for the camera. These pictures are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


words do not express how wonderful this entire shoot and all the people around it are!!


my fav is the last one... take that back there are a lot of favs.. i will comment back when i am more descicive

Evette said...

A-la, Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures. I definitely think it was the photographer and hair and make-up artist that made it so great!
It was so much fun and I am so glad I have something to document the pregnancy.

I love looking at the pictures of everyone on your blog, they are so magical. I will be highering you about 4 times a year (or more) to take pictures once Austin is born, lol :)

I like reading the backstories too, so keep rambling.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!!!

Nina Sapphira said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the all. And I don't mind all the backstory either.

Chris, Cristen and Abby said...

Beautiful photos!! I really like the last one!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots! Where the heck did you find this place??? Do tell..