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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jennifer & Amber : Whenever

What can I say about a person who wholeheartedly follows their passion? Having the guts to pursue something that means so much to you, knowing very well that you may stumble along the way, is something that I admire in a person. Specifically, Jennifer Hira Stuler. You may remember Jen from our risky shoot a few months ago.

We met up this past Sunday and I was really excited because not only would I be shooting the beautiful Jen but she was bringing along her friend Amber. They are currently in the process of promoting a huge project they're working on and needed some publicity shots. Of course I jumped on board and we turned it into something so much more than just simple headshots.

I was also thrilled to have my future hubby come along on this shoot. If you know us, you know that Steven and I were both art majors in college. He eventually switched his major but he never did lose his creative spirit. We are constantly pushing each other to see things in new ways and working together professionally is something that I've always dreamed of. I cannot wait to see where this road takes us!

Back to Jen and Amber, thank you for trusting us as you carve your niche in the world. Good luck with your project and please remember whenever its released, I want your autographs!

Jen was looking directly into the sun here and was almost blinded, but I loved the shadows so thankfully, she was a trooper.

I adore sunflare. To be honest, if I could have every shot backlit, I so would.

One last note, if you're not familiar with this campus, it's USC, where Jen and Amber attended college. Being a die-hard Bruin, Steven was way hesitant to join me. I'm pretty sure I heard him chanting the 8-clap as we walked by that Troy statue. And just for fun, here's a shot I took of Steven composing and taking a photo...

and here's the shot straight from his camera. Phenomenal.


Anonymous said...

This was an AWESOME shoot! Alicia, you are an incredible photographer & wonderful friend. And it was such a treat to have Steve there, too :) I am SO happy with these pics and again, THANK YOU! Can't wait to work with you both again very soon.
Love Always, Jen

Jessica said...

OK, now I know you're talented if you can make 'SC look good!

Nina Sapphira said...

Awesome Pictures. As always I love your work Alicia! You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

Gooooo team modern type! and on my stomping grounds?! Love SC, Love Jen and LOVVVVVE you guys. I mean this couldn't have been more perfect.

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

These look great! We love them all! I love # 10