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Friday, September 19, 2008

On getting a check : My Wedding

So I did it. Finally. After 3 long months of what feels like a zillion consultations, I went with my gut. I went with the one I adored since I got engaged. Since before I even envisioned what my wedding day would look like. Hadn't met her or even spoken to her. But by pictures of her work alone, I was sold. When my checklist on the knot screamed at me that I was supposed to be looking/hiring florists, I finally came around to doing some research and pricing.

Many people think having a design background would make planning my wedding easy but I strongly disagree. I think it makes things that much harder because my mind has so many ideas flowing through that I'm finding it difficult to edit them down to something cohesive and beautiful. When I thought of florals at my wedding, I was having an exceptionally hard time going back and forth as to what I wanted. I decided early on that flowers were something I was willing to give up control over and I wanted to put that aspect into the hands of a professional that I felt could take the few things I say, and run with it.

After all the emails, phone calls, and consultations, I kept coming back to the same name. Any time I sent over any little boberia (aka nonsense) she quickly had an enthusiastic response and for me, that's fantastic since I like my vendors to have excellent communication. Makes me feel like I'm their only client. I feel it adds to the whole experience. So I finally checked one of the bigger items off my list yesterday and went with my gut.

I cannot wait to work with Kristin and see how she transforms the little direction I gave her and take it to a whole new level. I wholeheartedly believe that she's going to do a fabulous job! Check some of her work out for yourself.


Ashley said...

wow! Amazing. They are going to be stunning! How exciting.

The Stranger said...

I am so jealous! Her work is gorgeous! You're in good hands.

Jasmine said...

EEEK!!! I'm SO excited!! It's going to one FABULOUS DAY! :)

Anonymous said...

Kristin is one of my all time FAVORITE florists for gorgeous, textural, inspirational flowers. You are not in good hands... you are in the best of hands! She won't disappoint!!