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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vanessa & Ty : Engaged

PART I of III: My friend Vanessa first contacted me to design some save-the-date announcements for her upcoming destination wedding. It was going to be held in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico and was set to be the trip of the year for her large Cuban family. We tossed around a few ideas and when we decided to include a picture of her and her fiance Ty, she mentioned that she didn't really have any pictures she liked of the two of them. She must have known how to get me worked up because I immediately jumped at the chance and offered to snap a few shots of the couple. It turned into a mini engagement session as we wandered the streets of Los Angeles. Here are some of my favorites.

Stay tuned for the rest of their story - the save-the-dates I came up with.


Anonymous said...

The sunlight shot has always been my fave. But the first pic is sooo sweet. I heart all your pictures... but I heart them even more when they're of people I love.

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite of your pictures. Ugh! You really captured their relationship! Love!